Visuals of Research

This page highlights photos, videos, and or/and digital tools from our summer research program in Puerto Rico! Please check back for updates as we complete transcriptions, translations, and data analysis.

*Please contact me if you would like to use any materials from my website*

Before interviewing our participants, the program kicked off with two full days of training and one day of mapping potential research sites. I developed the materials and facilitated the training and workshops to introduce students to my work in Haiti and key components to conducting anthropological research. Please see the details below.

Before collecting interviews, students mapped out potential research sites to collect data for our program. I wanted my students to take the lead because this is THEIR research program, their opportunity. Much thanks to anthropologist Dr. Laura Gorbea of Altamente and Puerto Rico Public Applied Social Sciences Workshop who provided us some help before our arrivals to San Juan. Below is a picture of my students mapping our potential research sites.

We spent one full day researching locations, organizations, and etc. It was difficult to selected the sites because all of Puerto Rico was impacted by Hurricane Maria. However, after much conversation with selection and elimination, my students decided on the following locations below. You can click on the Google Map for more information. Students also created a timeline of information related to Hurricane Maria on TimelineJS. Click here to see.

Here are photos taken in the field – Taken by Crystal Felima

An Independence March in Old San Juan

Our last night in Puerto Rico (taken by restaurant staff)

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