Digital Scholarship Showcase on Haitian Studies

Digital Scholarship Showcase in Haitian Studies
Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 3 pm
Scott Nygren Scholars Studio, Library West RM 212

Digital Scholarship Showcase in Haitian Studies (003)

Students in HAT 3564: Haitian Culture and Society (cross-listed in African American Studies, Anthropology, and Latin American Studies) have read a variety of text to engage in critical discussions on Haiti, decolonization, and Haitian exceptionalism. To showcase their learning, students created collaborative websites centered on socio-cultural life, political history, and self-determination in Haiti. The websites cover four themes: Haitian Vodou, Haitian Women, Haitian Relations, and Haitian Culture. Students curated their digital projects by using a range of multimedia content such as videos, images, and audio clips. These projects highlight new opportunities to explore teaching, research, student learning, and e-scholarship in Haitian Studies. Please come support these students as they briefly present their work and take questions/comments about their learning experience.

Light refreshments will be served.

For more information, contact:
Dr. Crystal Felima, CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Caribbean Data Curation : |

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